General Tso's Chicken with Rice and Brocolli

General Tso’s Chicken Is A Favorite Chinese Food Takeout Choice That Is Sweet And Slightly Spicy With A Kick From Garlic And Ginger. Recipe Trolley
Prep: 0H 15M
Cook: 0H 15M
Serves: 4


The Chicken

The Sauce

To Serve


Toss the chicken thighs with soy sauce and rice wine vinegar and put in the fridge covered for 30 minutes if you want for extra flavour.


Put the cornflour and salt into a bowl and add the chicken, cover evenly.


Heat enough oil to cover all the chicken in a high pan. Deep fry the chicken until browned, crispy and cooked through, and leave to the side on a plate.


Cook your rice and broccoli to the pack instructions, the next stage should take around 10 minutes.


In another frying pan heat the oil, then add the garlic, ginger, chillies and stir. Add the apple juice and 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar, stir. Then add the soy sauce, and hoisin sauce and the sugar. Stir and then add the cornflour and 4tbsp water. Mix together well.


Now add back the chicken, stir well and serve with the rice and broccoli.

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